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Apply for a CLC Licence for Qualified Lawyers

The CLC encourages qualified lawyers with relevant specialist experience to consider converting to CLC regulation. You will enjoy the benefits of being Authorised Person in terms of the Legal Services Act 2007 and will be regulated by a specialist regulator with a rule book tailored to conveyancing and probate practice.  A full year individual CLC licence is £400 and your first individual licence fee will be calculated on a pro rata basis.

The following qualified lawyers can apply to transfer to CLC regulation with no further training or occupational requirement:

  1. FCILEx lawyers (with valid practising certificates free from conditions); that have completed conveyancing and probate specialist exams.

The CLC is waiving Application Fees for all applicants until the end of June 2023 with the exception of the DBS check cost, which is under £100. Documents required

2. Solicitors: (with valid practising certificates free from conditions); that have completed appropriate conveyancing and probate electives. Solicitors are required to provide an employer declaration of 1,200 hours of relevant practical experience completed within the last two years

The standard fees apply, which include £150.00 application fee and the DBS check cost, which is under £100.


All lawyers will need to provide information about their most recent year’s CPD

All qualified lawyers seeking to submit an application for a CLC licence must evidence (at the point of submitting an application) that they have met the CLC’s standard annual CPD requirements. This enables cross qualifying professionals and lawyers to:

  1. demonstrate their legal knowledge is up to date and comparable to CLC lawyers by providing evidence that they have maintained their technical legal knowledge as well as occupational experience relevant to the licence they intend to apply for; and
  2. provide a copy of their most recent training record detailing the types of activities that that have completed in order to keep their legal, occupational and professional skills up to date, such as, commercial CPD activities, employer led in-house training sessions and CLC webinars.

If you are unable to fulfil either the educational, work experience or CPD requirements please contact the CLC Licensing team by email at and include in the subject heading: ‘Dual/Cross qualifying applicant: CLC licence enquiry’.

Important information.

Individuals that are subject to ongoing criminal investigation/action, regulatory disciplinary investigations, action or appeal processes with any enforcement or regulatory body are not able to pursue a licensing application until the outcome of the adverse event is known. This extends to:

  1. Solicitors, FCILEx lawyers and/or FCA regulated Financial Controllers:
  2. with unspent suspensions/disqualifications;
  3. that have been removed from the Solicitors roll/CILEx or FCA register as a result of disciplinary findings and who have not yet had their licence reinstated
  4. Owners, Directors, Members, Partners, HoLP and HoFA of CLC regulated practices that has been formally notified that the practice is in continued non-compliance and or subject to disciplinary allegations, investigations or proceedings and are unable to pursue any licensing applications.

To apply, please email