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Recognition of qualifications from outside England and Wales


HMG has announced the Professional Qualifications (PQ) Act 2022, section 8 of which (see below) came into force on 28 October 2022.The PQ Act revokes the current general system for recognising EU qualifications and confers powers to create new routes for recognition where there is an unmet demand or an international agreement for recognition.  

It  applies to the professions and to regulators including the CLC.

Section 8 of the Act requires regulators to publish information about the requirements they place on individuals to enter –  or remain –  in the profession.

Under the legislation regulators have to  keep the information up to date and continue to make this information publicly available, and we will be regularly reviewing and updating the page.


This page contains or signposts to information provided in line with the Act to assist those seeking recognition of their qualifications to seek licence by the CLC.

1. Qualifications, experience, training or learning (including the details of educational suppliers) and/or other entry requirements required to enter or remain in the profession

2. The application process for UK and overseas applicants to enter the profession

3. Any application process to which section 26 of the United Kingdom Internal Market Act 2020 (on the use of qualifications obtained in one part of the UK in another part of the UK) applies

This is covered by the policy above.

4. Fees or charges to enter or remain in the profession

Licence application fees

5. Details on the number of applicants

6. The number of individuals who have sought to become entitled to practise the profession, including:

7. The number of individuals who have become entitled to practise the profession

In 2023 the CLC has received 8 Enquiries and 1 Licence Application from students that obtained their law degree outside of England and Wales. (Updated 28/02/2024)

8. Examples of the types of qualifications or experience held by individuals who have become entitled to practise the profession

The most common qualification are covered in the exemptions policy as listed above, i.e. Law degrees obtained outside of England and Wales. Most commonly in India.

UK Centre for Professional Qualifications (UKCPQ)

UKCPQ no longer provides an advisory service for regulated professions on behalf of the UK Government, following the end of the contract on 31st December 2023. Professionals are now directed to the Regulated Professions Register (RPR) to verify the CLCs requirements for Lawyers and trainees with legal qualifications obtained outside of England and Wales.