Council Proceedings

The CLC began publishing minutes of its Council meetings in April 2013 in line with the revised Publication Policy. Minutes are published once they have been approved by Council at the following meeting.

In November 2016 we began also to publish the agenda and papers for Council meetings following Council’s decision to amend the Publication Policy.

All publication is subject to the exemptions set out in our Publication Policy and in some cases this means that only the summary sheet for Council papers are published or that papers will have sections redacted.

The work of the CLC must be carried out in an environment that is free from any suggestion of improper influence. Council Members are required to disclose direct or indirect pecuniary or other interests which may, in reality, or appearance, influence their judgement. The CLC has made the decision to also record and publish declarations of interest by the Senior Management Team. Read the Register of Members Interest.

Links to Council minutes and papers appear below in reverse chronological order.

Council Agenda & Papers 11 November 2021

Council Agenda and Reports 22 July 2021

Agenda & Reports for Council Meeting 29 April 2021

CLC Council Agenda and Reports 21 January 2021

CLC Council Agenda and Reports 12 November 2020

Agenda and Reports for Council Meeting 23 July 2020

Agenda and Reports for Council Meeting 30 April 2020

Practice Fee and Compensation Fund Contribution considerations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic – decided by Correspondence 06 April 2020

Agenda and Reports for Council Meeting 26 March 2020

Agenda and Reports for Council Meeting 27 January 2020

Agenda and Reports for Council Meeting 31 October 2019

Approved minutes of Council Meeting 25 July 2019

Agenda and minutes of Council Meeting 25 July 2019

Minutes of Council meeting of 2 May 2019.

Meeting of 2nd May 2019

Meeting of 28th March 2019

Meeting of 24th January 2019

Meeting of 1st November 2018

Meeting of 24th July 2018

Meeting of 26th April 2018

Meeting of 28th March 2018

Meeting of 25th January 2018

Meeting of 2nd November 2017

Meeting of 27th July 2017

Meeting of 27th April 2017

Meeting of 28th March 2017

Meeting of 25th January 2017

Meeting of 3rd November 2016

Meeting of 28th July 2016

Meeting of April 28th 2016

Meeting of January 28th 2016

Meeting of October 29th 2015

Meeting of July 27th 2015

Meeting of April 30th 2015

Meeting of January 29th 2015

Meeting of December 4th 2014

Meeting of October 30th 2014

Meeting of July 24th 2014

Meeting of June 14th 2014

Meeting of May 1st 2014

Meeting of February 20th 2014

Meeting of December 12th 2013

Meeting of November 19th 2013

Meeting of September 12th 2013

Meeting of July 25th 2013

Meeting of April 30th 2013

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