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The CLC is committed to being open and transparent and providing as much information about our work and the community we regulate as possible online.

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Key Indicators and Metrics of CLC Performance

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Anti-Money Laundering Report

The CLC’s first annual report on its AML work

CLC Business plans, Annual Financial Statements and Annual Reports

CLC Business Plan 2022

CLC Annual Financial Statements 2021

CLC Business Plan 2021

CLC Annual Report 2020

CLC Annual Financial Statements 2020

CLC Indicators and Metrics

CLC Annual Financial Statements 2019

The CLC Business Plan for 2020

CLC Annual Report on 2019

The CLC Business Plan for 2019

CLC Annual Financial Statements 2018

CLC Annual Report on 2018

The CLC Business Plan for 2018

The CLC’s Strategy 2018-2022

CLC Annual Report on 2017

CLC Annual Financial Statements for 2017

The CLC Business Plan for 2017

CLC Annual Report on 2016

CLC Annual Financial Statements for 2016

The CLC Business Plan for 2016

The CLC Annual Financial Statements for 2015

The CLC Annual Report on 2015


Business Plan 2015

Access to Justice

CLC Annual Accounts 2013

CLC’s Business Plan 2013/2014

Financial Statements 2012

Annual Report 2011

Business Plan 2012

Coroprate Strategy 2011/2013

Business Plan 2011

Corporate Strategy 2009/2014

Annual Report 2010

Summary Report 2010

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