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Diversity and Inclusion

We want constantly to improve our organisation as both a regulator and an employer. In order to make this a reality we need to recognise that everyone, whatever their circumstances, should be able to develop and exploit their talents. To respect this diversity, artificial obstacles should not be put in the way of the individual; and the individual should be enabled to overcome barriers to utilise their skills and experience.

We are committed to creating an environment where diversity and inclusion are an intrinsic element of our business and not an additional consideration; discrimination will not be tolerated; where there are no unnecessary barriers; and inclusion is promoted.  CLC is an organisation small in number but covering the entire range of regulatory functions. Our size and structure gives us opportunities to be quick in decision making and to be innovative in finding solutions to issues. Clearly there are also constraints – but we will try our best to ensure that equal opportunities are provided irrespective of age, caring responsibilities, caste, disability, ethnicity or race, marital status, religion or belief, sex (including people who have had gender reassignment), sexual orientation or socio-economic background.

  1. Diversity is about understanding and treating people as individuals i.e. recognising difference. Inclusion is about providing everyone with the same level of fairness i.e. an equal chance to contribute and participate.
  2. In keeping with the Equality Act 2010, we are dedicated to creating a working and regulatory culture in which diversity is recognised and valued; equality of opportunity is promoted actively; and in which unlawful discrimination, victimisation and harassment are not tolerated.
  3. In exercising our regulatory functions we will seek to ensure that no individual, or a group with a protected characteristic, is discriminated against because of that characteristic.
  4. As an employer we will seek to ensure that no applicant, trainee or employee, or a group with a protected characteristic, is discriminated against in recruitment, appointment, appointment terms and conditions, promotion, training and benefits opportunities because of that characteristic.
  5. Our complaints handling-process is responsive to individual needs (including those of people who are vulnerable or have disabilities).
  6. Allegations of discrimination will be investigated under our grievance procedures. We will take such allegations very seriously and where an employee or stakeholder is found not to have complied with the policy we will take disciplinary action against them.
  7. We will provide training to ensure staff are aware of their responsibilities under this policy. All new employees will be made aware of this policy as part of their induction.
  8. The policy will be updated as legislative and regulatory requirements are revised, in light of lessons learned and in view of any good practice identified.

Please see our Diversity and Inclusion Regulatory and Employer Policies for detail on how this Statement is applied in practice.