Individual Application Fees

See below application fees associated to an individual application:

Head of Legal Practice (HoLP) and Head of Finance and Administration (HoFA)   £240.00
First qualifying Manager Licence   £150.00
Manager Authorisation (Lawyer & Non-Lawyer)  £150.00
To change from a current CLC employed licence to a CLC manager licence  £75.00   
First qualifying Employed Licence £75.00   
Reinstatement of lapsed Employed Licence   £75.00   
Reinstatement of lapsed Manager Licence   £150.00
Reapplying for a new licence after a period of suspension or disqualification£150.00
Request to add conveyancing or probate to an existing licence   £75.00   
To change from a current CLC manager licence to a CLC employed licence  No Charge   

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