Conveyancing Academy – Conveyancing Academy – Update 21 January 2022

21 January, 2022

Further to the CLC’s notice of 19th January, we have now been informed that the Conveyancing Academy has had its contract with SQA terminated. This means it will no longer be able to offer courses leading to SQA qualifications. This makes permanent the suspension that was put in place in April 2021.

Students that have been accepted onto SQA courses by the Conveyancing Academy should alert their employer and await further guidance from the SQA.

Students should also contact the funder of their apprenticeship:

In Wales:

In England:  

We also urge all Conveyancing Academy Level 4 and Level 6 Conveyancing Students to provide information about their individual situations in this questionnaire:

Important information for those studying to qualify as a Licensed Conveyancer or Probate Practitioner

We want to remind students and employers that the assured educational route to qualify for licence as a CLC lawyer is via the SQA level 6 Diplomas in conveyancing and probate that are regulated as part of the Register of Regulated Qualifications that are offered by providers approved by the SQA. In addition to the SQA Level 4 and 6 Diplomas, the CLC publishes those legal qualifications it accepts as part of its routes to qualify HERE.  

Please note only regulated level 3 qualifications (certificated by national awarding body) and successfully completed level 3 Legal Apprenticeships (Certificated by The Education and Skills Funding Agency) are accepted by the CLC for exemptions at Level 4. However, candidates who have completed level 3 qualifications or Legal Apprenticeships are also required to complete units on the SQA Level 4 Diplomas before being able to progress to study a SQA Diploma level 6. Standalone unregulated level 3 courses are not recognised for any level of exemption by the CLC.

There are level 4 courses in place that provide a pathway to the level 6 qualifications and there may also be exemptions for candidates who already have some legal education. However, attainment of the Level 6 qualification is the final test.  

Completion of lower-level courses or unregulated courses will not enable students to seek licence by the CLC. When joining courses, students and their sponsoring employers must check that the course or qualification meets their requirements and will qualify them to seek to register as a national CLC Technician or first qualifying CLC licence if that is their intention.   

The public consultation for the review of the Welsh Apprenticeship Framework for Legal Services

The public consultation for the review of the Welsh Apprenticeship Framework for Legal Services went live on 11 January 2022. Interested parties can review the framework and provide feedback by following the links below. Please also encourage colleagues to also share feedback. The consultation is also published on the Skills for Justice website and social media platforms.

The consultation closes at 5pm Friday 28th January 2022 as per the following timetable which has been approved by Welsh Government.

Survey in English:

Survey in Welsh:

Apprenticeship issues

We have received some complaints from employers about the service provided by some apprenticeship providers. Although we are keen to know when students or their employers are facing difficulties, it important that you raise complaints directly with the apprenticeship provider in the first instance. If they cannot resolve the issue, you should inform the appropriate government funding agency for England or Wales, below.

You must contact the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) within 12 months of the issue arising. You can email or post your complaint to the ESFA complaints team at:  

For more information:  

In Wales, you should contact the Work Based Learning team at:

Provider ceasing to offer conveyancing and probate apprenticeships

We have also received a number of concerning reports from employers telling us that an apprenticeship provider has informed them that it is no longer able to continue offering the conveyancing or probate apprenticeship. 

If your provider has ceased to offer your route to qualification, we would like to know more. Please complete our brief questionnaire and please ask anyone else affected to complete it too.

Let us know about your situation

Alternative apprenticeship providers

You can speak to other apprenticeship providers to continue your studies:
Total People
PVT Training

22/06/2021 – ou may have seen announcements in the press this week about proposed changes to The SQA. The situation currently is that nothing has changed and CLC centres and students should continue with their existing study programs as planned. We would like to reassure CLC students and their employers that The SQA will be continuing to work as normal to manage the CLC Conveyancing and Probate Diplomas to ensure that students are able to continue and complete their studies uninterrupted.

Last updated 19/01/2022

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