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Client Account Fraud Alert

10 June, 2024

We have recently been informed of a CLC practice that has been the subject of an incredibly sophisticated fraud on their client account resulting in loss of a significant sum.  The fraud was committed over the telephone.  Fraudsters purporting to be from the practice’s bank called leaving a number and asked the practice to return [Read more]

Potential Fraud using CLC name

28 May, 2024

A CLC-regulated practice has forwarded an email they have received inviting them to ‘Subscribe to CLC’. There is a screengrab of the email’s contents below. It would appear that a third party’s email has been compromised and that the message has been sent via their email system. Beware of any similar emails that you might [Read more]

Get ready for important changes to payments systems that will help tackle fraud 

23 April, 2024

The UK payments industry is moving to ISO 20022, the global standard for payments messaging (the data that attaches to financial transactions enabling interoperability between banks, financial institutions, and clients).   ISO 20022 and legislative changes planned for this year will see the implementation of several new and much needed security and anti-fraud measures in the [Read more]

Chair’s Report of the 1 February 2024 Council Meeting

9 March, 2024

Before I comment on the first formal Council meeting of 2024, I want to report briefly on the conference we held on the morning of the same day during which we launched our Annual Report on 2023. The conference included an opportunity for those attending the conference, CLC lawyers, their suppliers and other stakeholders, to [Read more]

New to post-completion?

7 February, 2024

Get ahead with top tips for clear, correct and complete applications By Andrew Robertson, Head of Customer Policy and Service Improvement Ten short videos show how to avoid more than 20 of the most common requisitions HM Land Registry (HMLR) has launched Caseworkers’ Top 10 tips for tip-top applications – quick checks or changes conveyancing [Read more]

Conveyancing Roundtable 2023

28 November, 2023

Conveyancers are shouldering an ever-increasing weight of responsibilities but remain hesitant about increasing their fees, the annual market roundtable hosted by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) has heard. Participants – drawn from across the conveyancing world – also discussed how understanding where data comes from is critical to the push for upfront information as [Read more]

Chair’s Report of October 2023 Council Meeting

31 October, 2023

The Council met in informal, workshop mode in October to start the process of planning for 2024 and beyond by looking at how we can do more to drive out the benefits of specialist regulation and what the CLC can do to hasten the transformation of conveyancing in the interests of consumers and the public. [Read more]

Chair’s Report of the CLC Council meeting 27th July 2023

7 August, 2023

This is now published on our website with information about fee-setting, disciplinary action and much more. Read the report

Chair’s Report of the Council Meeting of 2nd February 2023

10 February, 2023

Chair’s Report from Dame Janet Paraskeva This was the Council’s first meeting of 2023 and there was a busy agenda. We had hoped to welcome members of the Legal Services Board for a face to face joint board session and hope that this can be rearranged soon. Competence Setting standards for entry to the profession [Read more]

Prevention V Enforcement

9 January, 2023

How much can legal regulation be about prevention rather than enforcement? Is the current model favoured by most of the regulators too focused on disciplining wrongdoing, rather than more active engagement to stop it in the first instance and promoting ongoing competence? Which approach do lawyers best engage with? The Council for Licensed Conveyancers recently [Read more]

Chairs report of November Council Meeting

15 November, 2022

Read the full report by Dame Janet Paraskeva

Your questions answered: Issues discussed in our Twitter Q&A

14 October, 2022

From stamp duty cuts to cyber-crime and the cutting-edge technology transforming the conveyancing sector, there was lots to discuss at the CLC’s first Twitter Q&A. Stephen Ward, our director of strategy and external relations, was in the hot seat as we tried to cover off the issues most important for conveyancers and consumers. For anyone [Read more]

CLC Council Meeting 12th May 2022

17 May, 2022

Chair’s Report from Dame Janet Paraskeva This is my second written report on a CLC Council meeting. There was a very positive response to the first one, covering the Council meeting of 12th February 2022.  These reports aim to give those we regulate and other stakeholders a different insight into how we go about our [Read more]

CLC Council Meeting 10th February 2022

14 February, 2022

Chair’s Report from Dame Janet Paraskeva This is the first time I have written a report on a CLC Council meeting. I hope that it will give those we regulate and other stakeholders a different insight into how we go about our work. We have formal quarterly meetings to review performance and to consider policy [Read more]

The Role of the Regulator

25 January, 2022

This article first appeared in What Mortgage Magazine. Regulators are like football referees – it’s best when you don’t notice us. And we want the game, or rather the market, to flow with minimal intervention. But there come times when we have to act where clients face an immediate risk and that action has to [Read more]

‘Tech adoption would have taken years’ – CLC roundtable highlights how the pandemic forced conveyancing firms to put property tech at the top of their agenda

16 December, 2021

It was the diversity of the conveyancing market – ranging from volume providers to small law firms that acted on a handful of transactions – that meant it was able to handle the huge surge in work caused by the stamp duty holiday, a roundtable hosted by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) heard recently. [Read more]

Modular homes: coming to a town near you

16 October, 2021

One lasting legacy from the pandemic will be the switch to online purchasing. As a nation we have all become far more comfortable with making purchases online before we have seen the goods. Now imagine extending that online shopping habit to buying a home – where you choose the layout and the décor from the [Read more]

Join a Digital Identity Pilot

13 September, 2021

The home buying and selling process is based on a high level of trust between trusted third parties such as estate agents, conveyancers & lawyers, financial intermediaries and mortgage lenders. The core of the transaction centres on proof of identity and ownership and currently organisations will not trust identity verification carried out by another organisation. [Read more]

The 2021 PII Renewal Round

2 July, 2021

This has been an extraordinarily challenging professional indemnity insurance (PII) renewal period for CLC-regulated firms.  This is in the context of a hardened insurance market which is affecting the sector as a whole. Aside from the pressures imposed by Covid and Brexit, insurers continue to be under pressure to improve profitability. Insurers also have concerns [Read more]

Could vendor disclosure replace caveat emptor?

6 November, 2020

The rapid adoption of technology because of lockdown could move the conveyancing process from an emphasis on the buyer and caveat emptor to one of vendor disclosure, a Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) roundtable has heard. Vendor disclosure would put the onus on the seller to ensure that they have provided all the information required [Read more]

The scams property buyers, sellers and renters need to watch out for

23 September, 2020

Since the property market reopened in May following lockdown, conditions have been ideal for buying, selling or renting a home. But unfortunately it isn’t just buyers and sellers who have returned to the market – so have criminal scammers, seeking to take advantage of people transacting in the property market. With the stamp duty holiday ending [Read more]

Making progress on indicators of quality

17 July, 2020

Comments from Stephen Ward, Director of Strategy and External Affairs at the CLC It is now some eighteen months since we along with other frontline legal regulators introduced new transparency requirements on the legal service providers we regulate. The aim was to enable consumers to be able to make a more informed choice in choosing [Read more]

Getting the home buying and selling process moving again

15 July, 2020

Stephen Ward, director of strategy at the Council for Licensed Conveyancers, looks at how the conveyancing market is dealing with a return to work after the coronavirus lockdown   We’re now in the early stages of getting the home buying and selling process moving again after lockdown. This follows the publication of the cross-industry guide, Re-Opening [Read more]

The 2020 PII renewal round: some initial comments

7 July, 2020

Comments from CLC Director of Regulatory Standards, Simon Blandy. At the beginning of the PII renewal round this year, I commented on the ongoing pressures on the commercial insurance sector. At the time I said that these pressures would impact on PII renewal for CLC practices and noted that insurers had warned that pre-existing conditions [Read more]