A specialised, innovative community

29 January, 2016

The analysis of the CLC’s Annual Regulatory return for 2015 is now published. Two major findings underline the degree to which the CLC regulates an innovative sector of the legal profession and the extremely high degree of specialisation of CLC-regulated firms. Overall, 94% of clients are individuals and only 6% are businesses, charities or government bodies. [Read more]

Making innovation easier

15 October, 2015

All regulators have been challenged by the government to submit ideas that could be part of departmental innovation plans. At the CLC we are casting the net wide to understand what steps we or others in the legal sector could take to innovate or to foster innovation in the market place. We’re asking those we [Read more]

Cloud Computing

3 December, 2014

Cloud computing offers great benefits, such as greater flexibility and scalability, self-service provisioning, mobile working, and increased reliability and resilience in terms of business continuity and disaster recovery. But there are also risks around security, accessibility and confidentiality. So let’s have a look at some of the considerations for firms looking to outsource their IT [Read more]

CLC-regulated conveyancing firms out-performed the market during the downturn

5 September, 2014

CLC-regulated conveyancing firms out-performed the market during the downturn This graph shows the total number of sales recorded by the Land Registry each August from 2006 to 2013 We’ve chosen August because it is consistently the month that sees the highest number of recorded sales and I assume this is linked to a slight lag [Read more]

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