Prevention V Enforcement

22 November, 2022

How much can legal regulation be about prevention rather than enforcement? Is the current model favoured by many regulators too focused on disciplining wrongdoing, rather than more active engagement to stop it in the first instance and promoting ongoing competence? But which approach to do lawyers best engage with?

This panel discussion, hosted by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers on 22 November 2022, looked at whether legal regulators have the balance right between before- and after-the-event activity, and what the profession itself believes is best.

It also explored the potential of technology to improve compliance and to what extent regulators should become involved in setting out or even certifying the key features of systems.

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Stephen Ward, Deputy CEO, Council for Licensed Conveyancers
Chris Handford, Director of Regulatory Policy, Solicitors Regulation Authority
Paul Bennett, Bennett Briegal LLP
Charlie Jacobs, Head of Legal Practice, Juno
Sarah Debney, Professional Council Member of CLC, Consultant Conveyancer at Taylor Rose MW and Director Hive Partnership
Chair: Neil Rose, Editor, Legal Futures

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