Understanding the language of conveyancing law: part two

9 September, 2019

In April, we gave a plain English guide to the most common terms used by professionals involved in the home-moving process. You can read it by clicking here. Professionals use these words so often in their working lives that they may forget to tell you what they mean. It was so popular and with being plenty [Read more]

Home buying: Be aware of the checks you have to go through

16 July, 2019

When you become involved in buying or selling a property many of the people you engage with, be it estate agents, property lawyers or mortgage brokers all seem to want the same sort of information from you before they’ll actually take you on as a client. Why is that? What they’re doing is establishing that [Read more]

Understanding the language of conveyancing law

11 June, 2019

A guide to the jargon used in the legal process of buying and selling property Moving home is stressful enough without having to spend time deciphering what exactly your lawyer is telling you. However well they communicate with you, there are certain terms that all professionals involved in the process will use so frequently that [Read more]

Conveyancing referral fees

31 May, 2019

Stephen Ward, director of strategy and external relations at the Council for Licensed Conveyancers, discusses disclosure of referral fees paid by conveyancers to estate agents In the rollercoaster ride that can be buying a home, it is no surprise that many consumers use the conveyancer recommended by their estate agent. Research undertaken by the Council [Read more]

Putting the ‘new’ into new-build housing

1 May, 2019

  Innovation in house building and modern methods of construction could lead to more high-quality homes, writes Stephen Ward, director of strategy and external relations at the Council for Licensed Conveyancers Imagine a future where you can plan your new house online – where the walls are, what the kitchen looks like, whether you have [Read more]

Watch out for conveyancing fraud

5 April, 2019

There has been a worrying rise in authorised push payments fraud, especially when transferring money to buy a home. Stephen Ward, director of strategy at Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC), explains what to look out for to avoid being scammed Figures produced by the finance industry group, UK Finance, reported that in 2018, consumers lost [Read more]

Informed choice: Helping you find the right conveyancer

4 March, 2019

Finding a lawyer to do the conveyancing when you buy or sell a house can feel overwhelming – many people simply take a referral from their estate agent. But, as Stephen Ward from the Council for Licensed Conveyancers explains, a recent rule change means consumers can now access detailed information on law firms to enable [Read more]

Influencing entry level legal education – your chance to shape the future

8 February, 2019

Claire Richardson, CLC Deputy Director of Authorisations and member Legal, Accounting and Finance T-Level design panel I’ve always felt it was a privilege to be involved in education and training, and the design and implementation of it, especially national government led programs. Why? Well, because it’s how as a country we shape and develop our [Read more]

Technology and disruption – the reality

14 January, 2019

Stephen Ward, director of strategy and external relations at the Council for Licensed Conveyancers, gives an insight onto some of the innovations that are bringing about change in the conveyancing world For all of us who work in the property sector, there is more and more talk of a possible future where the norm will [Read more]

Improving the home-buying process

17 December, 2018

Issues and problems with the homebuying process are never far from the spotlight and it is no different at the moment. Whether it is lengthy purchase processes, poor advice on leasehold purchases or consumers being duped out of monies online the news often seems bleak. Behind the scenes though there is much work being done [Read more]

Money laundering – how vulnerable are you?

11 December, 2018

Stephen Ward, director of strategy & external relations at the Council for Licensed Conveyancers, highlights how property can be vulnerable to money laundering Quote: “People have bought houses with cash, and somehow some… have not thought that that is remotely suspicious…” Ben Wallace MP, Minister for Security and Economic Crime, 12 September 2018 Fraud, in its [Read more]

Informed Choice: the benefits to your firm

27 November, 2018

The new Informed Choice requirements will bring benefits to CLC firms as well as consumers if the changes are fully embraced. From 6 December, firms licensed by the CLC will be required to display cost, service and regulatory information on their websites. The changes to our Regulatory Arrangements have been kept to a minimum to [Read more]

What should you do if you need to complain about your conveyancer?

13 November, 2018

Stephen Ward, from the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) looks at some common reasons for conveyancing complaints and where consumers can turn to for help if things don’t quite go to plan Purchasing a property is often mentioned as one of the most stressful life events a person faces. Sitting alongside such life-changing events as [Read more]

New Northern Ireland initiative leads the way to best practice conveyancing process

17 July, 2018

The Law Society of Northern Ireland, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and NAEA Propertymark have agreed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which aims to facilitate a more efficient conveyancing process for all involved.   The initiative is a positive move for the property market, setting a great example for the rest of the [Read more]

One-click conveyancing – reality or dream?

6 July, 2018

Stephen Ward, director of strategy at the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC), discusses changes that are going on in the conveyancing industry One-click conveyancing, digital workflows and online property purchase are all buzz phrases of the property world at the moment. As the government urges all of us in the industry to reform the homebuying [Read more]

Transparency: avoiding a race to the bottom

25 June, 2018

By Sheila Kumar, CEO of the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) and chair of the Legal Services Remedies Programme Implementation Group, set up in response to the CMA’s recommendations for improvements Transparency is a word that lawyers are hearing a lot, thanks to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), who thinks the legal services sector [Read more]

Lawtech can transform the homebuying process

14 September, 2017

At our second workshop event with Legal Geek we homed in on two points in the conveyancing process. At the beginning, the provision of vital property information and at the end, secure transfer of funds between all the parties. We were impressed by how close we are to solutions in this area that could make [Read more]

How can a regulator accommodate disruption?

18 August, 2017

Like any regulator, we need to deliver consumer protection in a changing world. And as a regulator with a proud history of supporting innovation in the delivery of legal services, we also support lawyers who want to find new ways of responding to changing client expectation and who harness new tools to do so. That’s [Read more]

Lawyers need an innovative watchdog for the tech era

25 November, 2016

By Dame Janet Paraskeva, Chair of the CLC A chatbot has successfully challenged hundreds of thousands of parking tickets in London and New York. It is surely only a matter of time until artificial intelligence (AI) brings the impact of the fourth industrial revolution to wider legal services. The degree of automation that can be [Read more]

Turnover of CLC Firms Doubles in Four Years

29 July, 2016

The combined turnover of CLC-regulated practices has more than doubled since 2011. In 2011, the combined turnover of all practices was £93,421,038, but by 2016, this had increased to £197,940,246.     Of course over the same period there has been an increase in the number of practices regulated by the CLC, but further analysis [Read more]

Focusing regulation on Risk

1 June, 2016

Chief Executive of the CLC, Sheila Kumar, writes in Legal Futures.

ABSs Leading the Way on Information Technology

13 April, 2016

Among CLC-regulated practices, Alternative Business Structures (ABSs) are three times more likely than recognised bodies to offer novel online solutions for clients wishing to access their services. That’s the finding from analysis of data gathered during last year’s Annual Regulatory Return. In recent years the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and the overarching regulator for the [Read more]

Understanding the conveyancing profession

14 March, 2016

The Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) is surveying all lawyers that hold a CLC licence and all staff in CLC-regulated firms. We’re asking about diversity and inclusion, job satisfaction and reward. When the CLC-regulated profession was last surveyed, in 2013, we found that women were the majority of all lawyers and others working in CLC-regulated [Read more]

Increasingly rich mix of managers in CLC-regulated firms

9 March, 2016

Section 18 of Legal Services Act 2007 defines “authorised persons” as persons authorised in respect of a given legal activity (such as conveyancing or probate) by a relevant approved regulator (such as the CLC), or licensed bodies authorised in respect of those activities. Whether they are Recognised Bodies or Alternative Business Structures, practices regulated by [Read more]

Help to Buy: ISA – First Bonus Applications

1 February, 2016

From 1 February 2016, conveyancers will be able to make the first bonus applications under the Help To Buy: ISA scheme on behalf of their clients. Since 1 December 2015 over 200,000 first-time buyers have opened and saved in their Help to Buy: ISA accounts. Those who have saved £1600 will be able to claim [Read more]

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