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Individual Regulation by the CLC

Our approach

Our approach to regulation is proportionate, risk-based and outcomes-focused. We still support innovation and growth in the sector that we regulate and we do not simply police the community that we regulate, we support them in achieving compliance. We want them to thrive.

The CLC currently licenses over 1,300 individuals and 240 practices, respectively accounting in 2011 (the CLC estimates) for about 4% of authorised persons and 5% of all practices in the legal sector.  They service 10-15% of the market for conveyancing transactions with a value of around £11bn-£15bn each year – and 20% of all re-mortgaging activity.

Over 70 licensed conveyancers are now licensed to also provide probate services.


Key points to note about the CLC regime

Specialist regulation of specialist lawyers

Our Code of Conduct and approach to regulation are closely tailored to the property specialisation of those we regulate. Our approach is proportionate and risk-based, and we support specialist lawyers in achieving good practice and developing prosperous businesses in an outcomes focused framework. We work closely with all our licence holders and we listen to what they say, helping them to achieve the right outcomes for consumers. We know our business extremely well and we know the market too.

Supporting Innovation and Growth 

We are committed to supporting innovation, competition and growth; delivering high standards of practice; educating and regulating specialist lawyers.

In a recent survey, three quarters of licensed conveyancers stated that the CLC provides value for money and supports them in developing their businesses.


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Information for Solicitors and FCILEx looking to apply for a CLC licence.

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