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All CLC practices should have in place their own business continuity plans (BCP) for ensuring the continuing delivery of services to clients. The Covid-19 pandemic and ongoing lockdowns and restrictions have tested these to the full and we recommend that they are reviewed in light of the individual practice's experiences.

Do not just pull a BCP off the shelf - the plan must reflect your operations, risks and resources. You need to hold the pen on it because ultimately the CLC will hold the firm's managers responsible.

Some of the information you provide in your Pll application - around the ratio, mix and balance of key personnel - should feed into your BCP; it is more than just saying what you will do if the office burns down.

The CLC wants to know that you have considered the risks and are prepared for possible scenarios, including rapid closure. The growth of ransomware and other cyber-attacks means you also need to consider how you would cope with a complete loss of your data and in what circumstances you would pay a ransom.

Existing firms need to review their plan at least once a year.