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Turnover of CLC Firms Doubles in Four Years

29 July, 2016

The combined turnover of CLC-regulated practices has more than doubled since 2011. In 2011, the combined turnover of all practices was £93,421,038, but by 2016, this had increased to £197,940,246.
Combined Turnover



Of course over the same period there has been an increase in the number of practices regulated by the CLC, but further analysis shows that the growth in combined turnover has been largely in-step with the growth of the regulated community, meaning that average turnover has increased almost as much as combined turnover. We do not yet have a fixed number of practices for 2016, but comparison of figures from 2015 show that combined turnover had increased by 178% from 2011, while average turnover per practice increased by 175% over the same period.

Combined Turnover