Qualified Lawyers

Solicitors and FCILEx with a current practising certificate wishing to apply to the CLC for a Conveyancing or Probate Licence will be exempted from the Level 4 stage of the educational requirements.

Depending on prior learning you may also be also entitled to exemption from one or more units in the Level 6 stage of the educational requirements, although ALL Solicitors and FCILEx wishing to apply to the CLC for a licence must as a minimum complete Unit 3: Managing Client and Office Accounts (Conveyancing or Probate) relevant to the licence (conveyancing or probate) you intend to apply for.

Before contacting an approved training provider please email traineelawyer@clc-uk.org and include in the subject heading: Solicitor or CILEx CLC education query attaching a copy of your current practising certificate, all qualification certificates and/or Law/GDL/ degree transcripts. You will be advised which units you must complete on the Level 6 Diplomas (conveyancing and/or probate) in order to meet the educational requirement to apply to become a CLC Lawyer (conveyancing and/or probate).


Statement of Practical Experience 
ALL CLC licence applicants must complete a Statement of Practical Experience. This is a statement which confirms you have been in full or part-time, paid or voluntary employment assisting in the provision of conveyancing/probate services for at least 1200 chargeable hours; based on 25 supervised hours a week for 48 weeks, certified by an “Authorised Person” i.e. a licensed conveyancer, a solicitor or a FCILEX licensed to offer conveyancing/probate services directly to the public.


NOTE 1. ALL CLC licence applicants must provide a Statement of Practical Experience for the service they intend to provide (conveyancing/probate), verified by an Authorised Person in order to become eligible to apply for a CLC licence.

NOTE 2. Where appropriate conveyancing or probate supervision cannot be provided by the [CLC] Lawyer’s employer other appropriate supervision arrangements must be secured from another appropriate business; and be agreed with the CLC BEFORE the period of practical experience begins and any conveyancing/probate services are provided to the public. Email traineelawyer@clc-uk.org