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Probate Practioner

Licenced probate practitioners are qualified, professional probate lawyers, who specialise in the legalities surrounding inheritance and the administration of Wills and estates in England and Wales.

What do they do?

When a person dies, someone has to deal with their affairs. Probate practitioners are experts in the legal documentation and processes for dealing with the affairs of a deceased person (“estate”) and liaise with the deceased’s representatives (executors or administrators) in order to administer the estate in accordance with their Will or under the Intestacy provisions (when the deceased has not left a Will).

Licensed probate practitioners are also Commissioners for Oaths, which means they have legal authority to administer and witness official documents e.g. affidavits to swear that a statement is the truth. They can sign your passport photo as well.

Where do they work?

Licenced probate practitioners work in a variety of legal teams and settings recognised in the private client industry, including Licensed Conveyancing or Solicitors’ practices. They may also work as sole practitioners.

Licensed probate practitioners deal with a broad range of other professional persons including; accountancy, banking, tax, trust and charitable professionals in the course of administering an estate.