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FAQ’s on Practical Experience

Where can I complete my Practical Experience?

Your practical experience can be completed anywhere that deals with provision in conveyancing services headed by a qualified person. The scope of completing practical experience is not limited to a legal firm; it ranges from housing associations and legal authorities, across banks and building societies, to property development companies and even railways and airports with in-house legal departments. This can be completed on a full or part-time basis, paid or unpaid.

How do I apply for Practical Experience?

Individuals seeking to gain practical experience should contact the person responsible for trainee recruitment within the company. You can get company names and contact details via the SLC job search facility, the CLC firms search facility or our recently qualified Licensed Conveyancers stories.

When do I submit my Statement of Practical Experience?

Only after all the examinations have been successfully completed or been exempted are you required to submit a verified Statement of Practical Experience as part of your application for a first licence. Statements must be verified by a “Authorised Person” i.e…, a licensed conveyancer, a licensed probate practitioner, a solicitor or a FILEX who in either case is entitled to offer Conveyancing and/or Probate services directly to the public, within the two year period prior to the date of submission of your application.

I have changed jobs part way through my practical experience – what do I do?

This is not a problem if you have changed jobs part way through your practical experience, you may need to submit two statement of practical experience, one from your previous employer and one from your current employer, both signed off by the authorised persons for the areas you have successfully completed to make up the full 1200 hours.