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Become a CLC Lawyer

Applying for a licence

Solicitors and FCILEx with a current practising certificate wishing to apply to the CLC for a Conveyancing or Probate Licence will be exempted from the Level 4 stage of the educational requirements.

Depending on prior learning you may also be also entitled to exemption from one or more units in the Level 6 stage of the educational requirements, although ALL FCILEx wishing to apply to the CLC for a licence must as a minimum complete Unit 3: Managing Client and Office Accounts (conveyancing or Probate) relevant to the licence (conveyancing or probate) you intend to apply for.

Solicitors with a current Practising Certificate who are able to demonstrate an appropriate level of occupational experience in conveyancing and or probate (relevant to licence you intend to apply for) are exempt from any further educational requirements. However, Solicitors must complete a verified Statement of Practical Experience. See below.

Before contacting an approved training provider please email and include in the subject heading: Solicitor or FCILEx CLC education query attaching a copy of your current practising certificate, all qualification certificates and/or Law/GDL/ degree transcripts. You will be advised which units you must complete on the Level 6 Diplomas (conveyancing and/or probate) in order to meet the educational requirement to apply to become a CLC Lawyer (conveyancing and/or probate).

Statement of Practical Experience

ALL CLC licence applicants must complete a Statement of Practical Experience. This is a statement which confirms you have been in full or part-time, paid or voluntary employment assisting in the provision of conveyancing/probate services for at least 1200 chargeable hours; based on 25 supervised hours a week for 48 weeks, certified by an “Authorised Person” i.e.. a licensed conveyancer, a solicitor or a FCILEX licensed to offer conveyancing/probate services directly to the public.