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After Qualifying

Obtaining your first licence

As a qualified student you will now be working towards applying for your first employed licence. There are a number of steps that you must now complete to become eligible to apply.  The first step is to be able to provide a Statement of Practical Experience.


The CLC asks ALL licence applicants to complete a document called a Statement of Practical Experience. Submission of a certified statement evidences you have been in full or part-time employment assisting in the provision of conveyancing/probate services for at least 1200 chargeable hours; based on 25 supervised hours a week for 48 weeks, e.g. one year, supervised by “Authorised Person” i.e., a licensed conveyancer, a solicitor or a FILEX who in either case is entitled to offer Conveyancing services directly to the public.


You will need to demonstrate:-

• technical processes have been completed competently; and

• you act in a professional, principled manner as per the CLC Code-of-Conduct requirements.

• that your practical experience meets requirements of CLC Student-Training-Framework


The CLC may as part of its standard application checks speak with Authorised Persons who have verified documentation. The form should be returned to the CLC as part of your application for a first licence.


All licence applicants must provide a certified Statement of Practical Experience relevant to the licence they are applying for i.e. conveyancing or probate.


Statements must be certified within the two year period prior to the date of submission of your application.


Please read the Guidance for CLC Licence Applicants before completing your application form.

Practical Experience
Information about completing and submitting your practical experience.