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Stakeholder and Regulated Community Perceptions Report 2016

We are very grateful to all those who took part in the April 2016 survey of percepttions of the CLC that was carried out by independent researchers IFF.

We wanted to know how you think we are doing and where we need to improve. This survey was an update on a 2014 report and so helps us to see how things have changed over the last two years.

We’re very pleased that you think we’re doing a lot better than before in all sorts of areas. Overwhelming majorities consider that the CLC performs ‘well’ in

  • issuing licences – 82% (up from 67% in 2014)
  • regulation of Licensed Conveyancers – 78% (up from 69%)
  • setting standards for professional practice – 75% overall and 84% of managers (up from 63% overall)
  • setting standards for education and training – 74% (up from 63%)
  • providing practical guidance to the regulated community – 65% (up from 41%)

Most importantly, three quarters of the lawyers regulated by the CLC agree that the CLC supports innovation and growth in the legal business it regulates and say that regulation by the CLC provides value for money. 

You also told us that you want the CLC to provide more practical support with compliance and to make the website more user-friendly.

Work has already begun on both fronts with the advent of Practice Notes and Webinars at the beginning of this year that will grow into a comprehensive library of practical support and with changes to the website navigation. More work is planned.

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