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Research Reports

Risk Agenda

CLC Risk Agenda 2023

CLC Risk Agenda 2022

CLC Risk Agenda 2021


Trust and Company Service Provision - Thematic Review 2024

Read the Report of the TCSP Thematic Review


The Evolution of Conveyancing

Conveyancing 2030: A Discussion Paper

Follow-up round table discussions building in the discussion paper. 






Better information for consumers

Instant conveyancing estimate tools impact study

Quality Indicators in Legal Services 


Client Care

Client Care Letters Qualitative Research November 2016

CLC COVID 19 Impact and CLC Response

Work by the CLC to understand the impact of COVID-19 and ensure the sustainability of the conveyancing sector


Diversity Monitoring

CLC Diversity Monitoring Survey 2023

CLC  Diversity Monitoring Survey 2019

Adjudication Panel Recruitment Diversity Report

CLC Diversity Monitoring 2013




Annual Regulatory Returns

NB the Annual Regulatory Return was suspended in 2020 and replaced initially with frequent surveys of market activity, financial health and outlook during the pandemic lockdowns. in 2021 and 2022 the CLC undertook surveys on discrete issues. the 2023 Annual Regulatory Return findings will be published here when they are ready. 

Annual Regulatory Return 2019

Annual Regulatory Return 2018

Annual Regulatory Return 2017

Annual Regulatory Return 2016

Annual Regulatory Return 2015


Stakeholder and Regulated Community Perceptions Reports

Stakeholder and Regulated Community Perceptions Report 2022

NB a survey in 2020 was cut short by COVID 19 when the onset of the first national lockdown and closure of the property market made it impossible to obtain sufficient participants. 

Stakeholder and Regulated Community Perceptions Report 2016

Stakeholder and Regulated Community Perceptions Report 2014