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Laurselle Property Lawyers

Laurselle Property Lawyers

Intervention into Laurselle Property Lawyers – 3 October 2018

In light of breaches of the Code of Conduct and to protect the interests of the firm’s clients, the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) has intervened into:

Laurselle Property Lawyers

Trading from:

37 Upper Orwell Street




Frequently asked questions

Q. Where is the file for my matter?

A. Your files are currently being held by the CLC. We will appoint an agent imminently to ensure that all current matters are completed without delay.

Contact Details:


020 3859 0904 (Option 5)


Q. Am I obliged to allow the CLC’s agent to complete the work for me?
A. No, you have the right to appoint another lawyer. If this is your choice you will need to contact a new lawyer and provide them with your instructions. Your new lawyer will then need to contact our agents with your written authority to release the file to them. They can then advise of their requirements.

Q. Will I have to pay more for the work?
A. These lawyers will honour fee estimates that you agreed with Laurselle Property Lawyers but if any additional work becomes apparent you may be charged for this additional work. You will be advised in advance if such additional work becomes necessary.

If you decide to instruct another lawyer to complete the work there will be no obligation for them to match the fees that have been estimated by Laurselle Property Lawyers . You may also be liable to pay the costs for work carried out to date by Laurselle Property Lawyers .

 Q. Laurselle Property Lawyers acted for me in the past and is holding my deeds – how do I get hold of these?

A. Deeds, as such, no longer exist as the majority of properties are registered electronically at Land Registry. If you need to prove ownership or are selling or re-mortgaging your lawyer will need to obtain up to date copies of the register from the Land Registry in any case.

If you feel there may be other documents or you have any other queries please e-mail your request with details of the transaction and documents you need to We will let you know what information we have and any additional information we may need before we are in a position to identify and send the documents to you. Following an intervention it may take some time for us to access archived files and documents, but your request will be actioned as quickly as possible.

For all other queries, please contact the Council for Licensed Conveyancers on or, or on 020 3859 0904