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October 2018 Managers Newsletter

Manager newsletter

This newsletter is for managers and heads of practice at CLC licensed entities. It focuses on issues of compliance with the CLC’s Regulatory Arrangements and the management of your firms as well as matters of particular concern to those with managerial responsibilities.


Informed Choice

As you should be aware, we have recently published our guidance as to how CLC licensed firms can comply with the new requirements on giving consumers up-front information to help choose a lawyer.

The guidance sets out required minimum standards and also suggests good practice to benefit both consumers and practices. Practices are mandated what information they must display, but the guidance provides you with flexibility as to decide how you choose to implement the requirements.

We have also published templates and examples of displaying cost information for both conveyancing and probate work. You are able to decide the best way to display cost information.



The guidance and templates, along with the new rules recently approved by the LSB can be found on our website here.

Along with the documents we are providing a range of support including roadshows and webinars.



Dates and venues of the roadshows can be found here.

It is important you attend to help you and your practice understand how to comply with new requirements and to engage clients better.



You can catch up on our website with a webinar hosted by Perfect Portal that provided an overview on the new transparency requirements and guidance. Stephen Ward also joined a panel to explore promoting transparency as a way to create better experiences for everyone on which is also available here.


Quick guide to Acting as Ancillary Insurance Intermediaries

The new changes to implement dealing with the new Insurance Distribution Directive are now live. Firms carrying on insurance distribution activities will need to change the way they work. We have published a quick guide to the Acting as Ancillary Insurance Intermediaries (AAIIC) which is intended only as an introduction to AAIIC and to help you understand the nature of the changes.


AML Resources

We have recently revised our Anti-Money Laundering Red Flags in Conveyancing Transactions page and it can be found as part of our AML toolkit.


CLC qualitative research – request for assistance

We will soon be commissioning some qualitative research that will seek to better understand client understanding of the conveyancing process and their confidence that it delivers the outcomes that it should. We are now starting to recruit potential interviewees and are asking licensed Practices to assist with identifying people to be approached.

We are looking for individuals split between first time buyers and more experienced buyers and within each of these 2 groups by whether a conveyancing transaction has fallen through or experienced no problems – all to be from instructions from March 2018 onwards.

Please contact us at if you can assist.


Will we see you in Liverpool?

As you may have seen in previous newsletter, we’ll be presenting an afternoon seminar at Liverpool Law Society on Wednesday 7th November on the future of conveyancing.

The event led by CLC’s Chief Executive, Sheila Kumar, will examine the developments all conveyancing practices need to be preparing for. Please note, there is a charge for this event, but places are limited so please register now here.



If you or your firm are on twitter we would encourage you to follow us @CLConveyancers where we post useful information supporting compliance, amongst other things from us and trusted partners.


We hope that you find this newsletter useful and we would welcome feedback. Just write to us at