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May 2017 Newsletter mid-month update: Ransomware

Ransomware – protecting your clients, your firm and yourself

The news last week showed how quickly a cyber-attack can spread. Coverage highlighted the impact on the NHS, but the ransomware spread far and wide across all kinds of organisations and across the globe.

Because of the nature of the attack, machines could already be infected but not yet showing any signs so please be cautions with emails:

  • Never open an attachment that you were not expecting or if you are uncertain of the contents.
  • Look closely at an emails header if you are uncertain about the contents. Although the name associated with the email may be familiar, an odd email address and domain name may a giveaway. It could look something like this:
    • Stephen Ward <>
  • If you see a document that has the format document.pdf.html  – DO NOT OPEN IT – it is a webpage masquerading as a pdf and will have malicious content.


Help from the National Cyber Security Centre

Here’s the latest advice from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) on how to protect a ransomware incident and what to do if you are affected.


Ten Steps to Cyber Security

The NCSC has also published this useful advice for businesses.  Take some time to review the measures you already have in place


Take Five to Stop Fraud

Finally, think about using the materials available from this campaign to help raise awareness of fraud prevention among your colleagues and clients.