Consultation Responses

June 2020 – CLC’s Response to the LSB’s Call for Evidence on Ongoing Competence

April 2020 – CLC response to LSB Consultation on Regulatory Performance and proposed regulatory independence monitoring

February 2020 – CLC Response to LSB Consultation on its Draft Business Plan

January 2020 – CLC Response to OLC Consultation on its Corporate Strategy

January 2020 – CLC response to LeO Consultation Transparency and Reporting Impact

September 2019 – CLC response to DCMS call for evidence on Digital Identity

February 2019 – CLC response to Law Commission reinvigorating Commonhold consultation

January 2019 – CLC response to OLC Consultation on LeO Business Plan

January 2019 – CLC response to LSB Proposed Internal Governance Rules

November 2018 – CLC response to MHCLG consultation on reforms to the leasehold system in England

November 2018 – CLC response to FCA OPBAS fee rates

November 2018 – CLC response Law Commission leasehold home ownership consultation

November 2018 – CLC response Law Commission execution of documents consultation

October 2018 – CLC response Law Commission SARs regime consultation

September 2018 – CLC response to BEIS consultation on Draft Registration of Overseas Entities Bill

July 2018 – CLC response to Bank of England consultation on ISO 20022

June 2018 – CLC supplementary response to LSB consultation on IGR

May 2018 – CLC response to consultation on proposed changes to the Law Society National Conveyancing Protocol

April 2018 – CLC response MHCLG consultation on consumer redress in the housing market

February 2018 – CLC response to LSB consultation on reviewing the internal governance rules

December 2017 – CLC’s response to DCLG’s call for evidence on improving the home buying and selling process

August 2017 – CLC’s reponse to HM Treasury consultation on the anti-money laundering supervisory review

April 2017 – CLC’s reponse to HM Land Registry’s consultation on changes to the Land Registration Rules 2003

December 2016 – CLC’s Response to LSB’s consultation on revised guidance for regulators on encouraging a diverse profession

August 2016 – CLC’s response to the CMA’s interim report on its market study of the legal sector

July 2016 – CLC’s Response to SRA consultation ‘Removing Barriers to Switching Regulator’

June 2016 – CLC’s Response The Law Commission ‘Updating the Land Registration Act 2002’

June 2016 – CLC Response to HM Treasury Call for Information on Anti-Money Laundering Supervisory Regime

May 2016 – CLC Response to BIS consultation on moving Land Registry Operations into the private sector

February 2016 – CLC response to CMA market study scoping

September 2013 – Response to the Ministry of Justice Review of Regulation of Legal Services

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