CLC Secure Badge for Websites

Increased online protection for CLC firms and their clients

All conveyancers are aware of the risks of fraud to their clients and their businesses. Firms can be impersonated online, in emails or on the telephone.

To address one of these risks, the CLC has established a scheme for the firms that it regulates. The secure badge scheme will significantly reduce the risk of impersonation online through cloned or copied websites and will help identify fraudsters setting up fake firms that claim to be regulated by the CLC.

The scheme will provide consumers with confidence that the website they have found is for a firm that is regulated by the CLC.

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How it works

The CLC provides each firm with a unique piece of code that will provide a CLC secure badge for the firm to display online. The CLC will then monitor use of that code to ensure there is no unauthorised use of the secure badge.

Consumers can click on the badge to see information about the regulated firm on the CLC’s website.

The CLC will promote the secure badge to consumers and encourages firms to do the same.

What firms need to do now

The Council of the CLC has decided that this should be a mandatory scheme. All CLC firms with a website are required to install the secure logo onto their websites.

We have written to all CLC Managers asking them to confirm the URLs of all of their consumer-facing websites.

If your firm has not yet registered for the scheme, please complete this questionnaire.

All firms will need to be in compliance with the requirement to do so by beginning of the new licence year on 1st November 2017.

We recommend that firms include the secure badge in a header or footer section of their website so that it appears on every page. However, firms might choose simply to include the secure badge prominently on their home page.

Issuing the secure badge

The scheme is administered for the CLC by Yoshki. Find out more about Yoshki.

Most CLC firms have now registered for the scheme and are using the secure badge. Make sure that your firm and your clients are protected and register now.


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