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General FAQs for CLC Lawyers seeking to reapply for a new licence after a period of suspension or disqualification


Q1. I have been employed, but I haven’t completed any CPD/Ongoing Competency activities? What should I do?

  1. Before pursuing an application with us you should complete the standard annual CPD requirements. This will evidence that you have maintained your legal knowledge. More information on the various learning activities that could count towards CPD hours can be found HERE.


Q2. I haven’t been in employment whilst my licence was suspended or in the period of my disqualification; and I am unable to afford CPD courses or Ongoing Competency activities. What should I do?

  1. While the CLC expects you to fulfil your CPD/ Ongoing Competency requirements, we do not expect this to be solely through commercially provided training. More information can be found HERE.


Q3. I haven’t been in conveyancing or probate employment whilst my licence was suspended or in the period of my disqualification; and I am unable to demonstrate my occupational experience is up to date. What should I do?

  1. If this period is less than two years, we will accept CPD or Ongoing Competency activities as a way of demonstrating your occupational experience is up to date. If the period is longer than 2 years you should email us at licensing@clc-uk.organd one of the licensing team will contact, you to discuss your circumstances.


Q4. How can I work out the date that I held a current and valid licence?

  1. If your licence was suspended because of an intervention into a practice at which you were an owner/director/member/partner/HoLP or HoFA. The last date you held a valid licence is the date of the intervention. You can find this information HERE on the CLC website.
  2. If you have not held a licence because of a disqualification applied as a sanction made by the Adjudication Panel. The last date you held a licence is the date of the Adjudication Panel’s Hearing/decision. We will have provided you with a copy of this document in the disciplinary or hearing process and a copy is published HERE on the CLC website.


Q5. Previously I was a Director, Member, or Partner in a CLC regulated Practice and listed on the CLC’s Public Register as a Registered Manager. What licence should I apply for?

  1. The CLC issues three types of licence:
  1. conveyancing licence.
  2. probate licence.
  3. dual conveyancing and probate licence.


You should apply for which ever licence you last held. The CLC considers separately notifications from individuals that have been appointed as Directors, Members or Partners of a CLC regulated practices and that are requesting to be listed on its Public Register.