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Be Scam Aware

When buying or selling a house, just as in every other aspect of your legal or financial affairs, you should be aware of the risk of fraud and scams.

Fraudsters are aware of the high volumes of money that change hands in property sales and purchases and have sophisticated ways of diverting that money. This can include impersonating you or your lawyer on email. So if you consider anything to be suspicious, you should contact your lawyer directly to check it out with them. You should be especially wary of any communication informing you that your lawyer’s bank account details have changed and call your lawyer if you do receive such a communication.

If you suspect that your Licensed Conveyancer might be involved in a fraud or scam you should contact us too.

Action Fraud keeps an up to date list of a wide range of scams. It is also important to take steps to keep your own email accounts and personal information safe.

You can also take active steps to protect yourself from property fraud. Find out more on the government website