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CLC comment on House of Commons Leasehold Reform Report

20 March, 2019

The CLC has commented on the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee report on Leasehold Reform:

“It is essential that any client has the choice of the conveyancer they want. Potential customers must have the opportunity to make an informed choice as to who they use. This is why we have been so supportive of estate agents having to declare any referral arrangements and we would welcome the same standards for new home developers.

“Our Code of Conduct makes clear that the practices we regulate have to act in the best interest of their client and we would look critically at any acceptance of instruction where there was an inappropriate relationship between the developer and the practice.

“Conveyancers have an essential role in explaining to the potential purchaser the implications of any enquiries with regards to anything that was revealed in the searches, contract and title documentation provided by the seller’s conveyancer and this must include clauses in a leasehold agreement. If a purchaser believes this was not done, we would urge them to raise it with their conveyancer and if necessary, with the Legal Ombudsman.”