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When Covid first hit, it was strange to see so many companies struggling to get to grips with technology and home working. It’s something we’ve done from day one.

Our clients can log on from anywhere and so can our staff. We’re fully remote which enables us to attract and retain the best people. That wasn’t the norm when we started out, but after the new ways of working forced on people by the pandemic, it’s becoming much more so now. Our team is spread all over the country, but instant messaging tools and cloud-based technology means we are in constant contact with each other and with our clients.

Henry and worked together in the Cabinet Office on high-profile projects such as setting up and running the GOV.UK website and transforming online services to make them more user-centered. What we saw in conveyancing was lots of pain points – for customers, estate agents and brokers – that a combination of data, service design and cloud-based technology could help to solve. Our aim was to bring together the ease of use you get with sites like GOV.UK and the depth of knowledge of conveyancers who have been working in the industry for years. We wanted to make the whole conveyancing process simpler, clearer and faster.

The default mode of interaction is through our website. We have a client dashboard so people can upload documents, provide us with information and see what’s going on in real time 24/7. If they have any questions, they can email or call us on the phone.

What we have found is that clients really love the experience. They don’t just see it as tech for tech’s sake, they can see that we have really thought about the process and designed it around their needs.

What we’re also finding now, post-pandemic, is that people are much more willing to do things like ID checks and complete transactions online, and there is a much wider understanding in the industry as a whole. Our focus is always on how we can provide the best service to our clients and the tech is just a means to an end. It’s about focusing on the user and not the tech.

With the rise in cybercrime, it’s understandable that people have concerns about security, so we have a lot of processes and checks in place to make sure we’re as secure as we can be. We are confident we are doing the right thing, but we’re not complacent.

We have a number of people at Juno who develop software for us to use, but we do also use third party tech. Nowadays you can pick and choose and don’t just have to use one supplier, and it’s really easy to integrate different pieces of software. I think integration is the best bet, more so than a ‘one size fits all’ solution that doesn’t really fit the exact needs of any user.

We have the benefit of being from a tech background and without that I imagine it would be daunting, but what I can say is that the CLC has been and continues to be really helpful and supportive of our digital-first, client-centered approach.

Etienne Pollard