21 December, 2017

Guidance Regulatory Arrangements Guidance -Universal OverviewAccounts GuidanceAnti-Money Laundering GuidanceComplaints GuidanceConflicts of Interest GuidanceDealing with Non-Authorised Persons GuidanceEquality GuidanceEstimates and Terms of Engagement GuidanceManagement and Supervision Arrangements GuidanceNotification GuidanceProfessional Indemnity Insurance GuidanceTransaction Files GuidanceUndertakings Guidance Regulatory Arrangements Guidance –Specific OverviewActing as insurance Intermediaries GuidanceActing for Lenders and Prevention and Detection of Mortgage Fraud Guidance Guidance This [Read more]

New apprenticeships in law planned for Wales

26 July, 2016

Aspiring lawyers in Wales will soon have a new way to begin their careers as apprenticeships in conveyancing and probate are due to go live in early 2017. Three qualifications will be on offer.  The first two lead to recognition by the CLC as a Conveyancing Technician or a Probate Technician. It’s a great start [Read more]

Environmental Searches

18 February, 2015

Risk and responsibility   The Council of Mortgage Lenders Handbook requires conveyancers to procure Local Authority searches to determine whether there are any contaminated land records. However it does not contain a general requirement for environmental search reports, though risk appetite obviously varies between individual lenders (as set out in Part 2 of the Handbook), with some [Read more]

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