Request an Application Form

Before requesting an application form, please ensure you have read the Guidance for Individual licences and authorisations.

The CLC is currently trialing a new digital application process and is using the online platform, DocuSign, to process applications for:

A. First Employed Licence

B. First Manager Licence

C. Change of Licence from Employed to Manager

D. Head of Legal Practice (HoLP)/ Head of Finance and Administration (HoFA)

E. CLC Approved Manager (Lawyer)

F. CLC Approved Manager (non-Lawyer)

To request an application for one of the above, please complete the form below to tell us your name, email, mobile number and application type.

Once your application request has been processed you will then be sent an email from the CLC Licensing Team via DocuSign ( with a link to accessing the application you have requested.

If you are applying for a CLC Manager Licence/Authorisation, make sure you validate your eligibility here.

If applying for a HoLP/HoFA role, make sure your occupational experience meets the CLC’s expectations here.

Please contact the CLC Licensing Team on or 0203 971 7215 if you would like some guidance on the type of application you should request. Note: The CLC will no longer accept paper applications after 30 April 2020.

By clicking submit you are providing your consent for the CLC to provide your name and email address to DocuSign in order to generate your application form and for the CLC to phone you on the mobile number provided to ask for your feedback on the application process.

The above is in accordance with the CLC Privacy Policy.

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