2013/14 Business Plan

2 October, 2013

Read the CLC’s 2013/2014 Business plan  The Council for Licensed Conveyancers has published its high level business plan to 2014 Chair of the CLC Anna Bradley said: “The specialisation of the CLC is a real strength. It is the major reason why there is no need for a quality scheme for Licensed Conveyancers. The Council [Read more]

Diversity profile of the regulated community

27 September, 2013

The Council for Licensed Conveyancers has today published the diversity profile of the community it regulates. Individual entities will shortly receive reports on their own staff groups for publication in line with the requirements of the Legal Services Board. Read more.

2013/14 License and Practice fees

3 September, 2013

The CLC is proposing to make no changes to licence and practice fees for the year beginning November 2013. The methods for calculation of fees and the levels of fee will remain the same as those for the current year. This is subject to approval by the Legal Services Board. Chief Executive of the CLC, [Read more]

CLC submission to thereview of regulation

3 September, 2013

CLC sets out plans for immediate and pragmatic improvements to regulation * on supporting consumer-led innovation in the legal sector * Says another round of fundamental change now would blight the sector The Council for Licensed Conveyancers has today submitted its response to the review of regulation of legal services being run by the Ministry [Read more]

Thematic reviews of complaints handling and managing conflicts of interest

19 August, 2013

The Council for Licensed Conveyancers has today announced two thematic reviews to assess standards of practice in the management of conflicts of interest, for example when the regulated community is acting for both the buyer and the seller in a property transaction and in complaints handling. The work will begin immediately and includes targeted surveys [Read more]

Internal Audit Tender

19 August, 2013

The Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) is seeking to appoint an internal auditor to supply services with effect from 1 January 2014. The successful organisation will be required to advise and provide assurance to the Audit Committee on the CLC’s internal control processes. Auditors are invited to make submissions to the CLC by no later [Read more]

Legal Service Board approves CLC’s approach on referral fees

8 August, 2013

A CLC Review found no justification for a ban on referral fees in conveyancing and our proposals for changes to the Disclosure of Profits and Advantages Code to ensure greater transparency have been welcomed by the Legal Services Board. The revised Disclosure of Profits and Advantages Code is now available. Anna Bradley, Chair of the [Read more]

Michael Prout & Co

15 July, 2013

The Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) intervened in Michael Prout & Co, of 7 St. Nicholas Street, Bristol on Monday 15 July 2013. We would like to assure existing clients of Michael Prout & Co that the CLC is working to ensure that outstanding conveyancing transactions can proceed with minimal inconvenience. If you have any [Read more]

Doubleday Property Lawyers Limited – Closure

11 July, 2013

Doubleday Property Lawyers of 20 High Street, Halstead, Essex, closed on 11 July and all current and past files have been passed to Ross Coates Solicitors along with all client monies retained by Doubleday at the time of closure. Please note that Doubleday Property Lawyers only undertook conveyancing work. Current or past clients of Doubleday [Read more]

Risk management tools

7 June, 2013

Risk Management Tools There is now a broad range of different products on the market offering solutions to different types of risk. In the CLC’s view, the most effective way a practice can minimise risk in any area is to ensure that it has appropriate and proportionate processes and procedures to supervise and quality assure [Read more]

CLC reacts to Lord Chancellors decision not to regulate will writing

15 May, 2013

CLC reacts to Lord Chancellor’s decision not to regulate will-writing CLC disappointed by Lord Chancellor’s decision not to bring will writing into regulation Consumers want peace of mind when writing a will CLC  will explore with will writers options for voluntary regulatory arrangements The Council for Licensed Conveyancers today expressed disappointment at the Lord Chancellor’s [Read more]

CLC publish diversity profiling results

14 May, 2013

In April of this year, the CLC began preparations to undertake a programme of diversity profiling work. This work is a requirement of the Legal Services Board and is designed to ensure the legal services market is reflective of the society it serves. Just as we will be asking our regulated practices to complete a [Read more]

Handbook and Framework amendments

8 May, 2013

View the Handbook and Frameworks explanation of amendments in May 2013 here.

Review of licence and practice fee arrangements

7 May, 2013

The CLC is consulting on the structure for setting regulatory fees for 2013-2014. We intend to set regulatory fees applying the model that has been in force since 1 November 2010. Read moreand respond to the consultation.

Discipline and Appeals Arrangements Consultations

7 May, 2013

Between January 2013 and March 2013 the CLC consulted on our Discipline and Appeals Arrangements. We received 27 completed responses. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the consultation. This document sets out the findings of that consultation exercise.

Mike Judge Property Lawyers

3 May, 2013

On the 30th April 2012 the CLC intervened into the licensed conveyancing practice Mike Judge Property Lawyers of 11-13 Cheetham Street Rochdale, Lancashire. We would like to assure existing clients of Mike Judge Property Lawyers that the CLC is working to ensure that outstanding conveyancing transactions can proceed with minimal inconvenience. If you have any [Read more]

Consultation – Referral fees

23 April, 2013

We’re grateful to everyone who took part in our consultation on the future of referral fees. As ever, opinions on principle of referral fees is very evenly divided but there is a very clear majority in favour of the enhanced disclosure provisions we have proposed. The Council will now consider the final shape of our [Read more]

Listening to your client

22 April, 2013

It was great to see from the Annual Regulatory Return that many of you proactively record  client satisfaction levels and, vitally, use the information to improve the service your firm offers. View the full results 

Consultation – Standalone licences

27 March, 2013

The Council for Licensed Conveyancers has today issued a consultation paper which is open for responses until Wednesday 19th June 2013.  Read more.

CLC launches new course

11 March, 2013

The CLC has launched a new course aimed at aimed at staff working in a wide range of sectors such as legal, property or financial services, who want to understand the basics of conveyancing. Titled, Conveyancing: Basic Principles in Practice, the course is at A Level (level 3) standard and priced at only 225 GBP, [Read more]

Handbook and Framework amendments

13 February, 2013

View the Handbook and Framework explanation of amendments published in February 2013 here.

Update on the Legal Ombudsman Scheme Rule changes

14 January, 2013

The Legal Ombudsman has received the go ahead to update its rules on complaint handling. The changes are intended to help the Ombudsman respond to a developing legal services market and ready it to start handling complaints about claims management companies later this year. It is hoped that the changes will also ensure the Ombudsman [Read more]

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