Licence Renewal 2017

What you need to do

Keeping in touch

This year we have set up a dedicated renewal email address, All correspondence relating to renewal will be sent from this address and you will be able to contact our Renewal Team directly through this email if you have any queries.

Individual licence renewal

We have sent a declaration form to all CLC lawyers. If you need to renew your individual licence for the year beginning 1st November 2017, you need to sign and return that form to Most CLC lawyers have done so already.

The deadline for completed declarations to reach us Friday, 27th October.

Entity licence renewal

We contacted all Nominated Practice Contacts (NPC) in September to confirm the practice details and payment method in advance of making payment for practice and individual licences in October.

Work on entity licence renewal with Nominated Practice Contacts has now ben completed.

Simplifying your licence number

We have been maintaining multiple format ID numbers for practices and individuals since we migrated to a new database in 2015. Now we are tidying up those formats.

We are planning a transition to the new numbering system over the 2017-2018 licensing year.

Individual licences

All individual licences will move to the new numbering system by 1st November 2017. Examples of existing numbering formats are illustrated below:

  • 1234(5) (if your licence number is currently displayed in this format, it will not change)
  • 1234(5) / 123456 (licence numbers in this format will change to the new, simpler format)
  • 1234(5) / 1A3B5C7 (licence numbers in this format will change to the new, simpler format)

Practice licences

All Practice licences will move to the new format by 1st November 2018.

We know that some of your practice’s marketing material may display your current Practice Licence number and we have set this longer timetable to ensure you are able to continue to use your existing stock and to provide sufficient time for you to plan for the changeover in your marketing materials.

An example of how your new licence number will be displayed for the 2017-18 licence year could be “Licence Number: 1234(5) (Previously 1234/567891).”

If you are planning on creating new marketing materials you can opt to have the new number on a reissued licence any time before 1st November 2017 by emailing Alternatively, you will need to use your new 4 or 5 digit licence number in your marketing materials by 1st November 2018.

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