National Crime Agency (NCA)

the law enforcement agency (replaced SOCA) which has harm reduction responsibilities and which targets criminal activities such as fraud, money laundering and identity theft.

Nominated Officer

a person in a CLC body who receives internal reports (disclosures) of known or suspected money laundering and with responsibility to assess whether a Suspicious Activity Report should be made.

Non-Authorised Person

as set out at s.111 of 2007 Act, a person who is not:

  1. an Authorised Person in relation to an activity that constitutes a reserved legal activity
  2. a registered foreign lawyer (within the meaning of s.89 of the 1990 Act)
  3. a person entitled to pursue professional activities under a professional title to which the Directive applies, in a state to which the Directive applies (other than the title of barrister or solicitor in England and Wales)
  4. a body that provides professional services, such as provided by persons within (a) or lawyers of other jurisdictions, and all the Managers of which, and all the persons with an interest in which – i) are within (a) to (c), or ii) are bodies in which persons within (a) to (c) are entitled to exercise, or control the exercise of, more than 90% of the voting rights.